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How to Approach Pain Care in the Fall

There is a saying in Ayurveda that “there is no pain without Vata”. Vata is the metabolic “type” that represents the elements of Air and Space and governs the nervous system. It makes sense that the hurt we feel is connected to Vata, as the nervous system is instrumental in our experience of pain. Because this is true, we must soothe the nervous system in order to minimize pain.

Vata becomes dominant in the fall, so now is a good time to consider how we might soothe the nervous system by counteracting excessive Air and Space.

Stability & Consistency as Pain Care

The elements of Air and Space are characterized by their lack of structure, their subtlety, and their susceptibility to change. In daily life, this can look like an irregular schedule, and there’s nothing that rattles the nerves more than flying by the seat of our pants! When the body doesn’t know how much rest it will get or whether or not it will be fed, it resorts to defense mode, a hallmark of chronic pain.

The best way to balance Vata is to bring the opposite qualities of structure, stability, and consistency to our daily activities. A daily routine, known as “dinacharya” in Sanskrit, is crucial for calming the nervous system. If we establish a daily routine (even on the weekends), the nervous system soon learns how to turn off the alarm bells and find true relaxation.