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Our Mission

We inspire people to trust in their own capacity to heal, and overcome pain and suffering.  We support this vision by teaching individuals the skills needed to change their pain through On-Demand and livestream classes. We uphold our Core Values in all that we do, and we do it for you.

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Our 5 Core Values



We know that healing happens in community, not in isolation.  That's why we are committed to fostering connection between students and teachers through live classes and regular community events. You are not alone in this journey of healing. Let's do this together. 



Healing can't happen if we're bullying ourselves into it.  That's why compassion must be the backbone of any healing path. Our teachers encourage compassion in all that we do, and we practice it both personally and professionally to inspire it in our community. 



Knowing that you will be safe is one of the most important conditions for changing your pain. Each of our yoga therapists has the professional skillset to support you to move with safety. From here you build more trust for your body, your mind, and in other aspects of your life.



We value conducting ourselves and making decisions in a way that demonstrates respect for all beings, and and is in alignment with our vision, mission, and values.



We value attending to ourselves with a sense of wonder. We explore questions like, "What does my nervous system want me to pay attention to?" and "What will happen if I try this or change that?"



When we feel inspired there is a natural tendency to also feel more energy and motivation to do more. From the welcoming teachers to the variety of classes, inspiration is one of our foundational tools to help you move more with less pain.

“The yoga therapists at Pain Care Collective are AMAZING! They are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. Pain Care Yoga has truly changed my life. I have become stronger, more relaxed, and able to shorten the duration of painful episodes. I am very grateful to have access to such a wonderful online service!”

— Sue S.

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