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Our Mission

We're Yoga Therapists with a passion for helping people overcome pain. Our training has roots in the timeless tradition of yoga as a path towards whole body healing. Our work provides care where modern neuroscience intersects the practices of yoga including movement, breath, and mindfulness.  

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We know that pain is 


—  Name, Title

Our 3 Founding Pillars


Our Commitment
  • Our online format makes yoga available to anyone anywhere

  • Varied class types cater to differing abilities and goals

  • Live classes offer the opportunity to speak directly with yoga therapists

  • Our offerings fill the gap in care

Expert Teaching

Certified Yoga Therapists
  •  All of our teachers are yoga therapists with special training in yoga for pain

  • Our approach is based on modern pain science

  • We are committed to staying current in our understanding of pain science


We Recognize Your Wholeness
  • We believe in your innate capacity to heal and we provide the setting for you to experience that directly.

  • Knowledge really is power. We offer pain education because simply understanding pain can improve it.

  • Favorable medical outcomes are associated with strong social ties. We provide opportunities for connection with your peers and with yoga therapists.

Are you a clinician?

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Brand Heart

Our 5 Core Values

We know that pain is changeable.


Although this fact has been well understood in the field of pain science for some time, it remains that the conventional approach to pain is managing it rather than healing it. We started this studio to spread the good news, not just intellectually but experientially, that you can change your pain and yoga can help.

We envision a world with less pain and suffering.


To get there, we've made it our mission to make the transformational tools of yoga available to anyone living with pain, no matter where you are or what your ability.

We're dedicated to uplifting one another.


Pain Care Collective Online Yoga Therapy Studio is a place where you can expect to be accepted and encouraged, whether it's in taking a live class or chatting with your peers in the Facebook group. Therapists uplifting therapists, therapists uplifting students, students uplifting students-- we're all better off when we're all supported!

We're committed to staying humble.


We've learned a lot from the yoga teachers and pain scientists on whose shoulders we stand, and we're reminded daily that our students are some of our greatest teachers. We regularly offer up gratitude to all those who have helped us become better teachers, and we do our best to stay open, knowing that new teachings could come from any source.

We do our best for you.


It's important to us that you see results. That's why we put our hearts into delivering high-quality, effective instruction that's designed to meet you where you are.

“The yoga therapists at Pain Care Collective are AMAZING! They are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. Pain Care Yoga has truly changed my life. I have become stronger, more relaxed, and able to shorten the duration of painful episodes. I am very grateful to have access to such a wonderful online service!”

— Sue S.

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