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Need yoga props? We've got you covered.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

How to set up a home practice space that supports your journey with yoga therapy for pain.

Setting up a yoga practice that supports you finding ease is key when working with yoga in a healing way. Remember that your body responds to information coming in through your senses, so make you space homey and welcoming. Choose pleasing colors, and have multiple props available so you feel supported.

Yoga Direct is a great source for finding good quality props and at a reasonable price. See below for some tips for finding the support you need.

Tip #1 - You need a mat!

Mats are a great way to define your space, create some gentle cushion below you, and give you a little stick-factor for higher intensity poses. We love the 1/4 inch yoga mat from Yoga Direct.

Find it here!

Tip #2 - Get support with a yoga block

Remember that yoga for pain is founded in the idea of creating safety in your body, and blocks can be such an important part of that! We love the yoga blocks from Yoga Direct too. And, as a bonus, they come in lots of colors!

Find your perfect block here.

Tip #3 - Get cozy with a blanket

Mmmm, there's nothing more delicious than cozying up in a blanket during practice. And, blankets can also be a great supportive prop as well. Check out the Handmade Mexican Traditional Yoga Blanket.

Get cozied up with these lovely blankets.

Tip #4 - Go deeper (or settle in) with a strap

Yoga straps make hard to grasp limbs a little easer to reach and hold onto. They can be great additions to a practice to allow for exploration of going deeper in a pose, or allowing some relaxation to come into a posture.

Find a strap here.

Don’t forget, props aren't the only addition to a home yoga space that make it accessible and supportive.

A practice space is meant to feel welcoming and nurturing. Props help with that, but so do things like candles, objects with sentimental value, or something that is just generally soothing to you. Make your space yours in any way that feels right to you.

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