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Pain Science: Support Healing through Learning

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Learn about the knowledge that informs the Pain Care Collective yoga therapy framework, and that can set the foundation for your own healing.

Pain science tells us so much about how pain works, and how pain is changeable even if you can't change the tissues. Research also shows that simply learning about pain can decrease pain. So, in the spirit of education, we're here to help!

Reframing pain as a danger meter (rather than a damage meter) can often take some time, and requires openness. Sometimes repeatedly engaging with learning from different perspectives can help make this complex topic come to life for you. So, engage with as much of this material as you'd like. And, if you want more, please reach out to us! It might seem strange to say, but we love talking about pain. That's because we know it is changeable when we start to harness the knowledge that pain science gives us.

Below we'll highlight some of the people we've learned from that have influenced how we created the Pain Care Collective framework. We feel fortunate for their amazing contributions to spreading pain science knowledge beyond the classroom and into the hands of people who are actually experiencing pain. As you explore learning, consider how the information might apply to you, or how it might influence how you approach your own healing. We're here to help with that part too!